Fly Kit

This skincare kit is a travel size of the CLINICAL POWER TRIO, DefenAge's core skincare regimen, a 2-week supply in DefenAge's signature cosmetic bag.


2-Minute Reveal Masque | 0.75 oz
24/7 Barrier Balance Cream | 0.5 fl oz
8-in-1 BioSerum | 0.33 fl oz
Cosmetic bag


Reap All of the Benefits of the Clinical Power Trio With This Skincare Travel Kit:

  • Corrects visible signs of skin aging, damage, and skin exhaustion.
  • Defensin-loaded.
  • Evidence of efficacy based on several extensive clinical studies.
  • Initial results can be seen after the first week of use. The full range of results can be seen in six weeks.
  • TSA Friendly.

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